Tanzanian Singer Rose Muhando Changes Name


Tanzanian Gospel singer Rose Muhando has changed her name days after an exorcism video went viral.

In the video, the veteran singer has “demons” cast out of her body by Neno Evangelism Centre’s Pastor James Ng’ang’a.

She was later asked back into the country for specialised treatment by the Tanzanian Music Foundation (TAMUFO).

Now back to her native land, Ms Muhando is apparently living with her children.

Last Wednesday while performing at a concert alongside Kamba musician Stephen Kasolo, she announced that she will henceforth be known as Simba wa Kike (Lioness).

“I have gone through a lot. The hardships have given me a chance to build endurance, hence the reason you can call me Lioness,” she is quoted by Word Is.

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“My job is to hunt. I’m not scared of anything. When I roar, hell knows that sh*t just hit the fan. We will not keep calm till God receives all the glory,” the hitmaker added.

She has accused her manager, Nathan, of being behind her woes.


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