When lakes or rivers freeze during the winter, people would bring out their bladed shoes and glide across the frozen waters. This became a fun pastime for people in temperate countries because it provides a different feeling compared to when you walk on land. As people get comfortable with standing on ice, they try to do some tricks that will make them look cool and great.

As a result, spinning, jumping and anything that resembles grace is one of the defining features of figure skating.

What is figure skating?

Figure skating is a winter sport where athletes would perform on top of the ice with movements that embody grace. They do this by creating a sequence of jumps, spins and dancing, which go in sync with their chosen background music. 

The sport began in the 13th century when steel blades were added to boots and granted mobility on the ice. Ten years later, ballet and dance were incorporated into the sport, which evolved into what it is today. In 1908, figure skating became part of the Olympics and is now one of the most anticipated sports.

How does one learn to skate on ice?

The easiest way to learn ice skating is to throw yourself into it. With your numerous trial and errors on how to move on the ice, this will build muscle memory and let you confidently move around without falling over. On the other hand, you can hire coaches that will teach you the basics of skating. Once you get confident on the ice, you have the option to enter yourself in beginner figure skating classes that will teach you how to skate backwards, spin and jump movements.

The skills and techniques of figure skating

Figure skating is easier said than done because it would take you weeks or months to practise all the skills and techniques on ice. With great dedication and effort, you can perfect the following techniques:

  • Axel – This is one of the jumps in figure skating that requires you to jump facing forward and execute a one and a half spin on the air. Its ending pose requires you to land on your opposite foot.
  • Camel spin – This is a spinning movement where you need to raise your leg at hip level and form the hump shape of a camel.
  • Short dance – This is the part of your program where you can freestyle. You can incorporate dance movements that fit your music or whatever your mood is.

Should you try to figure skate?

The answer is yes! You will lose nothing in trying, and the best part is that you will learn something new in return. Once you get the hang of it, you might want to do it full time

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