Senator Murkomen Alleges that MP Kutuny is Wanted in USA Over Linkages to the Akashas


Senator Kipchumba Murkomen has claimed that it is MP Joshua Kutuny who is wanted by the FBI and CIA for being a key conduit of drugs and associate of the Akasha’s in the ongoing trial of members of drug trafficking family.

In a fiery exchange during Citizen TV’s News Night segment, the two legislators went for each other’s jugular with Kutuny alleging that Murkomen is part of a corrupt cartel which is exhibiting “KANUism” and ignoring the plight of Rift Valley farmers as they continue to amass wealth.

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While the main topic of discussion was maize, the interview clearly degenerated into shameful name-calling and careful escape of liability with even Senator Kipchumba Murkomen who was linking Kutuny to drugs not able to openly and candidly say what he was trying to insinuate.

Senator Murkomen warned Kutuny to be careful as he would soon have to face the wrath of CIA and FBI because while he (Murkomen) and others have been urging farmers to diversify elsewhere, “Kutuny diversified into pharmaceuticals.”

MP Kutuny consistently challenged Senator Murkomen to document the achievements he has made to benefit farmers, 6 years Jubilee has been in power.

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The two went lower when Murkomen claimed that MP Kutuny was picked from the street while selling charcoal by DP William Ruto, a claim which saw the MP also allege that the senator is not grateful as it is him (MP Kutuny) who funded his first campaign and bought him his first Toyota Harrier car which he used to campaign during the 2013 elections.

Robert ALAI, HSC


Senator Murkomen claims that Kutuny is wanted for drugs in USA. Kutuny claims that Murkomen was coaching ICC witnesses. Awuoro!!!

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Lord Abraham Mutai


Kutunny to Murkomen: “I picked you off the streets of Eldoret and made you Senator in 2013. I campaigned for you. I bought you the first car you used to camapaign. The Toyota Harrier. I used to give you money for upkeep.”

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Lord Abraham Mutai


This is way out of line. Murkomen has just threatened Kutunny on live TV that his days are numbered. That Kuttuny is on the radar of FBI and CIA…🤣🤣🤣 Things are hot… Maize will burn people.

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The shameful exchange has been widely criticised by Twitter users who saw it as a new low in TV interviews as the two were not prosecuting the substantive issue, maize.

The current exchanges between Murkomen and Kutuny stems from the recent claims by MPs Kutuny (Cherangany), Alfred Keter (Nandi Hills) and Silas Tiren (Moiben) who have been campaigning against DP Ruto, calling him corrupt and insensitive to the plight of Rift Valley residents.

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The trio challenged DP William Ruto to explain his role in the importation of maize and supply to National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) through briefcase firms at the expense of ordinary farmers. Ruto has brushed off the claims as desperate fights as it is “the private sector which is involved in maize, tea and coffee buying and not the government.”

The DP claimed that the three are pursuing a selfish political agenda which is not in sync with the wishes, plight or demands of the residents of Rift Valley.

The Interview;


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