Mbeere woman arrested after husband hacked to death


A woman who allegedly butchered her husband with an axe so that she can marry  another man has been arrested.

Maria Wanja, 30, was nabbed by Siakago police officers on Monday morning after she was accused of hacking to death her husband Sebastian Muriuki who was reported to be drunk at Riandu in Mbeere subcounty.

The woman is accused of killing the 40-year-old with the help of some unknown people.

Area chief John Makenge said he was called at around 1.30am by an elder and another person who was at the scene. Makenge was told Muriuki had been killed.

The chief went to the scene and found Muriuki lying on the bed dead. He was  naked. His head and hands had deep injuries. Makenge questioned his wife, their daughter and the suspect’s father on what had happened.

Makenge said the three told him separately that Muriuki had been murdered by robbers. They said the attackers who had torches demanded money or their cow.  The wife said she managed to escape when the thieves went to the cowshed.

Makenge said the wife claimed she hid and returned after an hour and found her husband brutally murdered.

The chief said Muriuki’s sister arrived at the home later and saw an object protruding from the roof of the couple’s kitchen. They found it was an blood-stained axe which was suspected to have been used to kill the man.

Makenge said when neighbours and close associates of the woman were questioned, they said the wife was having a relationship with a Church official who was willing to marry her.

The chief said he was told the suspect had not disclosed to her lover that she was married. She had been telling him that she stays with her parents together with her three children. The lover was willing to be a father to  the children.

Makenge said he was told the woman has been sneaking out to be with her lover for days before returning to her matrimonial home.

The chief said neighbours told him that Muriuki and his wife quarrelled regularly.  The suspect complained about her husband’s drunkenness and irresponsibility saying he had abdicated his responsibilities, neighbours said.

Makenge said neighbours told him they suspected the woman might have butchered her husband, who appeared to have been drunk, in order to get married to the other man.

The chief said the woman was arrested and taken to Siakago police station pending investigations. A postmortem will be done before she is charged, he said. Embu Courts to answer murder charges.

The body was taken to Siakago Level 4 Hospital mortuary.

Makenge advised men to be responsible to avert such incidents. He told women to move out of marriage if they are fed up at instead of committing such heinous crimes.