Is Lilian Muli and ex-hubby reigniting their romance?


In a picture posted by TV host Lilian Muli online, the media personality is seen posing with her divorced hubby Moses Kanene and their son Josh seemingly at home and having a good time.

“Sunshine even on rainy days. With Kanene and Josh,” she captioned.

This might signal a turn of events after the, sometimes, controversial news anchor called it quits with Shabana FC boss Jared Nevaton whom she had been with since a nasty divorce in 2016.

The two got a baby together last year. It is the first time Lilian and the ex-husband have made a public gesture and so in a good tone that might signify that things could be getting rosy again.

Never say never!


Sources have it that a young and fast-rising gospel singer is preaching water and drinking wine.

The young flamboyant guy – who had previously been signed to a leading gospel stable before moving out after disagreeing with the stable’s CEO, also a top gospel singer – has on severally occasions been spotted high on alcohol and behaving silly with the girl he was with.

The last incidence was at a club sometime last month.

A number of fellow gospel singers are aware of his habits and have been trying to distance themselves from him.