Government Of Tanzania Bans Adverts On Family Planning


The government of Tanzania has banned advertising of family planning methods after the president had declared those who practice the said methods as lazy.

‘Those that are going for family planning are lazy, they do not want to work to feed a large family,’ President Maghufuli stated.

He said that if the Tanzanians had many cattle and were big farmers they should not be unable to cater for their families unless they were being lazy.

In a letter to the Chief of party for the FHI 360 which supports  family planning programs under the USAID funding, the permanent secretary Dr. Mboki Ulisubisya said that although they acknowledged the support toward family planning methods  they were supposed to stop airing of family planning content on any social media channels.

President Maghufuli’s sentiments have however been opposed by opposition MP Cecile Mwambe who has said that the declaration is against the Health policy.


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