Former Youth Fund Boss Bruce Odhiambo Dies In Hospital


Former Youth Enterprise Development Fund Boss, Bruce Odhiambo passed away in the wee hours of Tuesday morning while receiving treatment at Nairobi Hospital due to heart complications.

Bruce had been admitted to the ICU where he was being treated after a cardiac arrest on Saturday and his blood pressure falling to extremely low levels.

Prior to that, he had traveled to India in October to replace his pacemaker- an electrical device implanted under the skin to help manage irregular heartbeats.

His body did not react well to the pacemaker causing his and and feet to swell with blisters which became septic. Doctors put him in seclusion in hospital so they could treat his wounds without being exposed to infections.

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Bruce Odhiambo was the fourth chairperson of the Youth Enterprise Development Fund since its inception in 2006. He resigned from his position so as to facilitate the investigations of the Youth Fund scandal in 2016.

He was also a music producer and a talent manager to many artists in Kenya.

Dr Alfred Mutua eulogized him on Twitter, remembering hims as a good man and one of the creative minds in the country.

“Very sad about the passing of my friend Bruce Odhiambo. In the last three months, he remained strong even as his sick heart failed him. It was sad to watch him suffer. I will cherish the many moments we spent together. We have lost a good man and one of the most creative minds,” Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua posted on Twitter.


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