Chick flicks are the best movies to binge, especially when you just want to have a good laugh or feel great about yourself. Moreover, these films have a significant influence on pop culture. As such, almost everyone in the world is familiar with the iconic characters of Alisha Silverstone in Clueless and the mega girl boss facade of Rachel McAdams from Mean Girls.

The amazing empowerment of these classic films motivates women to embody their favourite chick flick characters by dressing the part. That is why here is a list of the best outfits from this genre to give you an outfit idea for your next day out!

  1. Cher’s outfits in Clueless

When you see the yellow plaid coordinates, you would immediately think of Cher from Clueless. She wore this at the beginning of the film, and almost everyone in the 90s is so envious about how she had an automatic fashion closet at home.

Aside from that, all of Cher’s outfits in the movie did not miss a beat. Each one of them shouts the preppy school girl that you would like to be friends with. Once you check every detail of each of her outfits, you will become the fashion diva you always wanted to be! So, here are some outfit inspirations to come close with her closet:

  • Plaid everything (skirts, tops, blazers, etc.)
  • Layer your clothes! (camis go on top of long sleeves or plain tees)
  • Wear sundresses for that effortless feminine look.

  1. Lola Steppe’s wardrobe from Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen

Born and raised in New York City, Lola Steppe mourns her departure from bright lighted streets as she moves into the green suburbs of New Jersey. Despite her sadness, she makes up for it by embodying the daring lifestyle of the city that never sleeps. That is why Lola’s outfits are over the top as if she has just stepped out of a film set.

In the Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, most of Lola’s outfits have trends of long-sleeves, mesh, layering and body-hugging clothing. In other words, the goal to achieve her aesthetic is to impersonate the saying ‘less is more’. So, do not be shy in wearing all your bodacious pieces and jewellery because these are what will make you stand out from the rest.

  1. Bring the sweatpants trend back!

When all hope is lost and your energy is down, you can still be stylish with a pair of fluffy sweatpants. In almost all chick flicks, most main characters would wear these whenever they are at their lowest or when they are working out. Either way, these people would still ridiculously look stunning with a pair of Juicy Couture sweats.

Moreover, sweatpants are the best invention in fashion ever because it does not only provide comfort, but you can also pair them with anything in your wardrobe! On top of that, you can get them in every colour and they would fit perfectly for all lazy occasions.

  1. Make colour blocking great again

Back in the 90s and early 2000s, colour-blocking was the leading trend in fashion. Pairing bold colours with one another is one way of declaring that the world is your stage. However, this trend died down when monochromatic colours of black and white dominated the shelves of shopping stores.

Since fashion is cyclical, it is about time to colour-block outfits again! To do this, here is a guide for your reference:

  • Make the colour wheel your best friend
  • Select your base colour first
  • Once you have a base colour, find its complementary colour. This is usually the one opposite your base colour. 
  • Once you have two colours, find out if you have similar tones inside your closet. See what it would look like on your body.
  • If you want to add more colours, it is best to use analogous colours, which are the ones beside both base and complementary colours.

  1. Be the ‘it’ girl by wearing a cheerleading outfit

It has been etched in stone that the hot popular girl in chick flicks are cheerleaders. Movies like the Bring It On series serve as a testimony to this character trope. These films give their viewers an idea of what it is like to be a cheerleader who gets tossed in the air and does handsprings on the mat.

While these flexibility and athleticism are not applicable for everyone, you can still be a cheerleader by just wearing the uniform! This will ultimately make you feel the positive spirit that will support all your loved ones.

  1. As hot as Megan Fox: the trend of low-waist jeans

Everyone loves Megan Fox because why not? Her appearances in a lot of chick flicks have made her become the queen bee that you should not mess around with. Such a persona is further solidified in her character from Jennifer’s Body. Her girl boss, gaslight and gatekeep trope is what inspired and empowered a lot of women to love themselves more. Aside from that, this film served as a way to defeat the patriarchy.

But other than that, one of the stunning factors of the film is Jennifer’s stunning outfits. The most iconic outfit she wears is the innocent pink hoodie paired with low-waist cut jeans. As Jennifer struts along the hallway of her high school, she makes everyone’s head turn in her direction (as she definitely should!).

  1. Never be a square in the workplace

If there is one thing that Elle Woods proved, it is the power women hold within their femininity. Aside from that, Elle made it also clear that you do not always have to wear boring square clothes in the workplace!

In Legally Blonde, almost every student from Harvard Law School is fine with wearing comfortable clothes, but Elle changes the standard by wearing pink! When she started with her internship, Elle managed to tone her iconic Barbie-esque outfits but still sticks to her branding of fabulousness. By using plaid and argyle patterns, Elle delivers her message to everyone in the courtroom that she is a force to be reckoned with.

  1. Maddy Perez: ‘First of all, ew’

Euphoria takes over the internet by storm because of its notorious characters and captivating high-school life plot. One of the favourites from the crowd is the powerful Maddy Perez. Oozing with confidence, she struts the halls of East Highland High School while wearing the best outfits that make her stand out.

If you can explain her aesthetic in three words, it would be badass, stunning and empowering. True enough, these are what define Maddy as a person, and you can just be like her as you see through her looks. Her wardrobe consists mostly of crop tops, fitted flared pants and beautiful eye make-up.

  1. Kat Stratford’s ‘look here’ outfit

Ten Things I Hate About You is one of the best chick flicks because of the chemistry between the handsome Heath Ledger and beautiful Julia Stiles. Aside from that, this movie is a modern take of William Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew where the woman with a cold heart later falls in love with her pursuer.

Besides the captivating story, the outfits from Ten Things I Hate About You represent 90s fashion so well because of the diverse wardrobe changes as seen in the movie. The most iconic outfit is what Kat Stratford wore when she tried to bailout Patrick Verona from detention. A red long sleeve crop top, a pair of black flair plants and some sandals is surely the way to win your coach’s approval of your new soccer ‘technique’.

  1. Pride and Prejudice: Redefining cottagecore

When you watched Pride and Prejudice, did you ever dream of living in the countryside and frolicking along with the grass? If your answer is yes, then you are not alone!

The beauty of the movie is its story, the chemistry between Elizabeth and Mr Darcy, as well as the outfits! Long prairie dresses that would reach your toes are the fashion trend. Aside from that, corseted waists are the answer for getting a cinched torso. On top of that, the minute details of each character’s gowns are just to die for. This is because it embodies whimsical and fantasy elements.

  1. Eating bread outside Tiffany’s

Audrey Hepburn has further deepened her mark in Hollywood with her character from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. At the beginning of the film, you would see her strolling along the streets while wearing a beautiful form-hugging black gown. Moreover, these are further highlighted thanks to the thick layering of pearls hanging from her neck. To top it all off, Hepburn’s brunette hair is tied into a top knot, which further shows off her outfit.

With these outfits, you are ready to strut out of your comfort zone and treat the streets as your red carpet.

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