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Earthquake in Japan: 2 dead, 151 injured

Last March 16, 2022, an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.4 struck the coast of Fukushima at night. This has left two dead and more than 150 injured people.

With the country sitting at the Pacific Ring of Fire, an earthquake is something that Japanese citizens encounter all the time. However, experiencing one disaster after another is not enough to let them get used to the feeling. A magnitude of 7.4 came out of nowhere since reports have stated that the earthquake struck near midnight. 

Based on local authorities, they have stated that a man in his 60s lies on the ground after the shake and is later confirmed deceased as soon as officials got him to the hospital. Besides that, a man from Tome City has died out of shock due to the tremors that the earthquake has caused. Additionally, it has also been stated that more than 150 people from 11 prefectures have been injured. 

The citizens of Fukushima, Miyagi and Yamagata have been warned that there would be aftershocks that can happen later on. Japan’s meteorological agency has also stated that it would be possible to have tsunami waves of one metre enter the north-east coast. 

On the night of the earthquake, electricity was immediately cut, which left almost 2.2 million homes in 14 prefectures kept in the dark. Fortunately, this was later restored around mid-morning. Undoubtedly, the earthquake has caused fear among people and made them scurry off supermarkets to buy the essentials. 

With all the troubles started, nuclear authorities have stated to the public that there were no abnormalities that happened after the earthquake. 

Gas prices continue to spike up and cause turmoil in public

After Russia invaded Ukraine, the gas prices of different countries have gone up drastically. Unfortunately, it can go higher in the latter days of the month. With the war ongoing, several leaders of the world have agreed in removing Russian oil from the market. This, in turn, has made a huge dent in petroleum supply, especially when Russia pumps out 5 million barrels of crude each day. Moreover, the effect has made barrel prices hit $140, which has not been seen since 2008. 

Since the pullout of Russian oil, multiple companies have been trying to fill up the massive void that the country has left. Unfortunately, none has succeeded so far. 

As of now, a gallon of unleaded gas in the United States costs $4.33, and it can even reach up to $5. Consequently, this makes life more difficult for families in low-income households since it forces them to reduce spending. In other words, demand destruction can happen, which means that consumers will spend less due to high prices. If the gas prices continue to rise in a year, it means bad news for the country’s economy. This is because it leads to falling demand for other products in stores. 

As gas prices surge, Goldman Sachs analysts are predicting that there would be a 35% risk of recession in 2022. On the other hand, the biggest risk of the United States economy is stagflation. Besides the U.S., other countries are also experiencing the same problem, and it is worse in developing countries. Overall, this sudden spike in petroleum prices is affecting the entire world’s economy as people speak.

Rediscovering Canova’s ‘Maddalena Giacente’ statue

Italy breeds amazing artists and sculptors that have led the art scene throughout the years. One of them, Antonio Canova, is the leading sculptor of the neoclassic style during the late 18th and early 19th centuries. During this time, Canova is regarded as the most brilliant sculptor in Europe because of his fantastic detailing on marble. 

His works are inspired by the beautiful Baroque period as well as the revival of classical. Although, he removed the melodramatics and cold artificiality from both, which made his statues look realistic and closer to life. His most famous works are the following:

  • Psyche Revived by Cupid’s Kiss
  • Napoleon as Mars the Peacemaker
  • Perseus Triumphant
  • Venus Victrix
  • The Three Graces.

With his amazing style and professionalism, a lot of people in the art world revere his works. 

This 2022, the art industry is buzzing with excitement because word has got out that the lost work of Canova has been found, which is ‘Maddalena Giacente’ or Recumbent Magdalene. Officials have stated that this was commissioned work for the Earl of Liverpool, and it took 3 years for Canova to carve. Right before he died in 1822, Canova successfully finished it, but it was never found again until today.

People and art enthusiasts rejoice with the recent rediscovery, and it will be put on a show at Christie’s London this weekend. Afterwards, the statue will travel to New York and Hong Kong so that the people have the chance to see it before it gets auctioned off. According to reports, Maddalena Giacente will have a starting price of $6.6 million to $10.6 million.

The details of the beautiful lying Magdalene have astonished a lot of art curators. This is because they believe that the details hold a signature Canova style that you cannot miss.

A young child, age 13, drives a truck and crashes in Texas

In Texas, a 13-year-old boy got the keys to a truck and decided to drive on his own at night. Unfortunately, this event has led to him crashing onto a university van and killing nine on the spot.

The cause of the accident was the truck’s left tyre, which was a spare. It suddenly blew out then began swerving into the oncoming van. The boy driving was not able to get control, which caused the accident to unfold to something worse. 

According to police reports, the van contained six university golfers as well as their coach. Sadly, these people, as well as the young driver and passenger, were killed on the spot. On the other hand, two students survived and have been transported to a hospital with stable conditions. 

Upon surveying the accident scene, police have found out that several of the victims were not wearing their seatbelts, which explains why one of the passengers was ejected from the vehicle. Aside from that, it has come to the public’s attention that the van belonged to the University of the Southwest in New Mexico. Below is a list of the names of each passenger:

  • Tyler James, 26
  • Jackson Zinn, 22
  • Karisa Raines, 21
  • Travis Garcia, 19
  • Laci Stone, 18
  • Tiago Sousa, 18
  • Mauricio Sanchez, 19.

The name of the young driver was left out due to his age. The Texas Department of Public Safety has told the press that it is illegal for 13-year-olds to drive within the state. Those who are 14 years of age are allowed to have classroom driving lessons. Moreover, those who are 15 can begin driving as long as there is an instructor or licensed adult in the car. 

Australia suing Facebook due to scam advertisements

The quest for justice is still in the works as Australia sues Facebook for scam advertisements. It has been said that the tech giant is having false and deceptive conduct, which preys on its users.

According to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, the ads present on the platform have used Facebook’s algorithms. This made it easier for the ads to reach those who are more likely to entertain related content. As if that is not worse, these ads are using fake quotes of Australian celebrities to make the product more appealing and legit to people who see it. These include Mike Baird, who is the former New South Wales Premier, David Koch, a TV host, and entrepreneur Dick Smith. To their surprise, these personalities did not consent to have their names and faces used for these scam ads.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission have filed a case against Meta. They believe that the company is aware of this fraud and failed to prevent them from harming innocent people online. In one instance, a person lost more than 480,000 USD because of these scams. They were marketed as investment opportunities, which makes them believable. In other words, this kind of scam has breached consumer law.

Aside from the committee, Andre Forrest, an Australian billionaire, has also taken legal action against Meta. This is because he found that there are scam ads on the platform that use his image to invite people to join. 

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