It is part of human instinct to be in the constant pursuit of knowledge. That is why people are always on their phones reading articles from different websites. These blogs contain information that would appease the hunger and curiosity of knowing. Though at the same time, reading more texts can make your mind wander and think about questions that need answers.

For that reason, Nipashe is dedicated to providing news and updates about different topics that interest your mind. Get to know more about the news site as you continue to read this article.

What is Nipashe?

Nipashe is a news website based in Kenya, which strives to provide stories about the world and other things that people like. Throughout the year, blog articles are constantly uploaded to the site just to let the readers stay in the loop of what is happening to their surroundings. Moreover, the topics can be anything under the sun, and rest assured that these are interesting facts that will keep your mind stimulated.

What to expect from Nipashe

On the website of Nipashe, there are different sections that you can visit. Each one contains related information and is collated properly so that you will not have a hard time navigating through them. Here is a list of the different sections present in Nipashe as well as their purpose:

  • Local news – This section is about the events and other things that happen in Kenya. These include politics, economic trends in the country and celebrities.
  • Global news – This section tackles everything that is happening in the whole world. It can include updates on foreign policies and discussions between countries.
  • Sports news – This section contains everything about sports such as courtside updates, full-time results and athlete interviews.
  • Entertainment news – Stay entertained by reading news articles from this section. Here, you will find topics about music, your favourite artists and new movie releases.
  • Lifestyle news – Improve your lifestyle by reading more on cooking, fashion and other related topics found in this section.
  • Business news – Are you hungry for some updates about the stock market? Get first-hand information when you read news articles in this section.
  • Education – Find out the latest news about technological and other breakthroughs in improving the education of people.

The purpose of reading

Reading is a habit that you should constantly have because it is the exercise your brain needs. By feeding your brain with information, your perception of the world will grow, and you will have a deeper sense of understanding. Aside from that, frequent reading is one way to combat deteriorating mental illnesses such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. 

Information within your fingertips

Nipashe is easily accessible, and all you have to do is tap a few buttons. Just click the link on search engines, and you will already see the entrance to the website!